Saturday, May 26, 2018


Bodleian library
knowledge congealed
shelved wisdom
books piled up
words unspoken
trapped in pages
waiting for ages
thoughts written down
history touching present
we are here to read 
to study
to learn
 to gain
and to touch the magic of knowledge

Friday, May 25, 2018

Alzheimer coda

It is like missing the gap
and don’t even mis it.
a contra-dictionary to the fullest
brought to you by the fallen state we’re all in
creating plaques al over the brain
as your memories fall down like a  disturbing rain
no pill or syringe offering relief
even able to wipe out what one believes
to wipe out whom we love and  lifelong cared for
its like a piece of music written  without  coda
losing the notes bar by bar
even tempo is slowing down unaware of
every nick  of time is gone before you even know it.
First sign is the man of which you forgot the name
or when he had his last birthday
Carkeys keys in general
still knowing where they’re used for 
but forgetting  where you’ve put them
is forgetting words
is forgetting functions of daily used tools
not remembering why using a fork or spoon
is like eating with your hands
grabbing like a child for his food
Alzheimer is fading out
 without reprise
no encore
not even knowing
you have left the stage for good.
through an unseen door
I sincerely hope and pray 
you will see from eye to eye
behind the edge of time 

and be embedded in His Grace.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Rocketery C.S Lewis De Quarantaine van het kwaad.

Quote speaks for itself!

C.S Lewis

Christianity is a religion of comfort – but it does not begin there. It begins with the dismay of realizing we stand opposed to the power behind the universe. Comfort will come, but only as a result of seeking truth. –Comfort is not found by seeking it. Realizing the truth of Christianity and how God works will bring comfort. 

Sunday, January 29, 2017


i can't stand the propaganda
forms piled up in front of him
which he didn't read at all
calling with his BFF
pretending that  he's in control

i can't stand the propaganda
while he signs a new decree
Not impressed by his agenda
he's just fooling you and me
let us wait four years and see
and read between the lines of history!

I can't stand his propaganda
posing for the camera
trying to persuade the people
bending thruth into alternative facts
he plays his role as  president
like a puppet on a string
while we never get to see
the puppeteer behind the screen

i can't stand his propaganda
acting  like a self proclaimed messiah
being all in all in the center of his will
rotating till vertigo
what if he will loose his balance
with acces to the codes?
i can't stand his propaganda!

ik verdraag de propaganda niet
ongelezen formulieren op bureau
beste vriend aan telefoon
moet indruk van controle wekken
omringt door yesmen die er  als lakeien
zijn toch al veel te grote ego
nog eens stevig op staan vrijen

ik verdraag de propaganda niet
van een poseur die zijn volk verleidt
en passant de waarheid ombuigt
tot dat alternatieve feit
hij speelt een rol als man van daadkracht
gespeelde verve en voortvarendheid
moet ons het zicht ontnemen
op zijn privé agenda

ik verdraag de propaganda niet
acterend als een zelfverklaarde messias
staat hij in het centrum van zijn eigen licht
draait hij blijvend om zijn eigen as
wanneer verliest hij zijn evenwicht?
aan welk gevaar stelt hij ons dan bloot?
ik verdraag de propaganda niet.

ik verdraag de propaganda niet
als hij een krabbel zet
onder weer een nieuw decreet
ik geloof de beelden niet
en kijk er dwars doorheen
we kijken naar  een marionet
maar zien de poppenspeler niet

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Belong, believe, behave

Knowing where we 're coming from
Knowing who we are
Knowing where we do belong
Fighting an inside war
At this side of the grave
Knowing how we will be saved
As long as we

Having shed a lot of tears
In our darkest nights
Having found a place to rest
After tons of rebellious fights
Find the exit of this fleshly cave
As long as we

Saddle up nd ride our horse
Play our guitar and shut up
Have a glass of wine with me
Let me fill your empty cup
Through this bloodstained opened grave
As long as you
You too will bust out of your grave

GARDEN revisited

Before Christ was taken 
he prayed 
in  a garden
as if to point out 
to us all
in a garden like this
a perfect  world 
became undone

in a garden like this
I bid you all welcome
to the rising
of the Son.