Tuesday, March 1, 2016


True colors
true sounds
true lives
true burdens
true lies
true sins
true truths
through true truths
trying to find
what is right
what is worth while
believing in

Love is all

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

On Art Larry Norman.

the words of larry norman

what is art? - 1990
What is ART? God is the Creator of our World, Our Universe. His art is LIFE. He has made a visible world around us, full of detail and complexity, and He has lavished the same intricate care on the world outside of our periphery. High in the mountains where men seldom walk, God has always given rich colours and delicate perfumes to each flower He has made. He didn't smudge the definition, forget to cluster the priapic pistil with pollen kissed stamen simply because explorers and their sherpas might not see them.

Deep in the ocean where the pressure-per-square-inch prevents any man's eyes from watching, unseen and uncategorized fish-things enjoy their life cycle in God's gaze, particulate, fluorescent, soft-boned and shimmering in gilled glory, not for the approval of man but for God's pleasure.

Life is God's art. God has rendered His art in our universe in three dimensions; revealed Himself to us in the Trinity, Given man the triune aspects of body, spirit, soul; set us in motion on the planes of time, space and matter, bonded our entities with the protons, neutrons and electrons; translated matter catalystially into energy through proteins, carbohydrates and fats; supported our life on land, air and sea with food, oxygen and water.

He has given to man and woman a child, and the three perceptive senses of touch, sight, and sound. While textbooks errantly include taste and smell and scientists debate the presence of quarks and black holes, God moves on and doesn't move at all. He is the Alpha, The I Am, and the Omega; The Past, The Omni-Present and The Future.

There were three crosses on that hill. One man was perfect, one man repented of his imperfection, and the third man embraced his sin in willful death lock, unrepentant. Christ spent three days in the grave. He broke the gates of death and arose, sealing the resurrection, redemption, and salvation for the cause of our body, spirit and soul. Now we have good, great reason to walk in faith, hope and love in this three dimensional realm He fashioned for us. One third of the angels fell and the other two-thirds stand against them in the strength of that majority, while God sustains us as we wrestle not against flesh, or blood, but against spiritual principalities; that wickedness ascribed to high places.

What is the art of man? It is sufficient as a pale copy of God's visible Creation. No painter ever brushed, colored, and shaped at his canvas with any original vision. No sculptor molded the clay, chiseled the marble, or smelted the metal with any unimaginable result. We are God's unbound art, His Creation. Let us reflect this in our own art; His Love, His Mercy, His Forgiveness.

Larry Norman - East Berlin 1990

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Freedom lies in the solitude
I  often wonder why
Mankind is reaching out for more
‘cause we’re not able to get higher
Than the highest cloud

Freedom lies in the solitude
I often wonder why
Mankind is reaching much to far
Cause we can ‘t think deeper 
Than our deepest thoughts

But when we pray
Our spirit soars
Into the highest heaven

Freedom lies in the solitude
I often wonder why
Mankind is always looking back
And say the past was better
Than life will be today
Say there will be a new tomorrow
And then pursue their way

Still chained
To their own concentions
Follow their misleading intentions

But when we pray
Our spirits soars
Into the highest heavens

Freedom lies in the solitude

Of a softly prayer

As the moon turns blue

As the moon turns blue
In my darkest hour
I need a friend
To have a  talk with me

And in the sweet by’s and by’s
He comforts me
And leads me down
My boulevard of broken dreams

Under the stars
I hear him say
Do not dispair my friend
Because i will stay with you

As the moon turns blue

As the moon turns blue

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


I acknowledge
That i have sinned
Against all odds
In sight of angels
Along lost souls
In spite of knowledge
Searching for a grain of thruth
Only to have found a wisdomtooth
Mea culpa
Mea maxima culpa
Gloria in excelcis Deo

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Death has no dominion

The reassembling of the bones
Is a nessecary thing
'Cause we all must stand before the throne
Not to receive a diamond ring
but a stone with a new name carved on it
Not ever yet pronounced
It's all for love that we've been created
To praise His name and live
It's ready for the take for free
The giver wants to give

The reassembling of the bones
At final tumpets sound
While holding seven stars
The son of man will claim
us back as His posession
Will love us all the same
as rightful heirs
since death has no dominion

The reassembling of the bones
The ressurrected dead will live
For evermore  give praises to His name
As His kingdom they  proclaim

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The war between the sun and moon

Waiting for a chance to get a hold on prophetic ground.
there is a force ahead
Luring into desert storms.
In the mists of collateral damage
and ever enduring smoke of falling bombs
this monster keeps on  growing
the bigger it becomes

worshipping the borrowed light
of half or full their moon
their bloodstained knives still in their hands
they will clutter up real soon
seeking to devour
causing massacres
during  early morning hours

orange against black
fragments of a digital warfare
fading into death
the desert sands again
become as red as red

not by the hands of christians
as in medieval days
of long gone by crusades
these warriors are blinded too
by their own beliefs
as once the christian soldiers were
it is the love of Christ
i truly do prefer

in this  war between the moon and Sun
prophecies are finally fulfilled
and evil will become undone
there is no blood that cleans us
except that of the Son